Although Juliana, our Medical Assistant was born in Brazil and moved to America, Oregon is her home. Juliana brings a wealth of experience from her worldly travels and education. Juliana’s top priority is patient care and making sure Oregon Foot Clinic’s patients have all of their health needs addressed. Juliana is an important part of our team, without her we couldn’t do what we do! Please come in and meet Juliana and rest assured you can feel comfortable in letting her know how she can help, or ask her about her succulent plants she loves to care for. You’ll find Juliana outside of business working in her yard and garden, cooking up something wonderful for her coworkers, or enjoying time with her husband, son and dogs in the great Northwest.


Meet Lisa our Front Office Coordinator. Lisa is the hub that makes our patient experience the best in Portland. Lisa works hard to care for the patients here at Oregon Foot Clinic, whether it’s helping patients with filling out the paperwork (we all dread at the doctors), getting patients into see the doctor timely, or following up with you, Lisa plays an integral role in your health. Don’t hesitate to let Lisa know if you need something or have a question. Lisa is always there with a smile and ready to help. Lisa‘s a longtime Portland resident but recently moved to Troutdale. She’s loving the time on the outskirts of the metro area and the spending time at home with her husband and dog as a graduated Empty Nester. Proud of her children’s endeavors, Lisa’s moto is ‘once a mom always a mom’ and that carries over into her relationships at work and in the community as a trusted confidant. See Lisa here at Oregon Foot Clinic or out as active member in her community. 


Kara is the back office Practice Manager, where she prides herself on the many unique hats she wears from inter-office management to customer support, policies and functions, she works to remain one step ahead to anticipate the needs of the clinic and patients. Always trying to balance discipline with humor – laughing always seems to lighten the load and opens up the moment for possibilities in challenging times. Kara is there behind the scenes to help you through any patient challenge and ensure that your experience is met with empathy, due diligence and the highest standard of care.