Kara is the back office Practice Manager, where she prides herself on the many unique hats she wears from inter-office management to customer support, policies and functions, she works to remain one step ahead to anticipate the needs of the clinic and patients. Always trying to balance discipline with humor – laughing always seems to lighten the load and opens up the moment for possibilities in challenging times. Kara is there behind the scenes to help you through any patient challenge and ensure that your experience is met with empathy, due diligence and the highest standard of care.


Elaine is our Front Office Coordinator. She has been working in the medical field since 2011 and understands the importance of patient care and the individual needs of each. She is happy to be a part of the Oregon Foot Clinic team. At Oregon Foot Clinic we are thrilled to have her on staff as she is calm, compassionate and attentive to our patients; never missing a chance to laugh. On her free time she enjoys trips to the Oregon coast with her family and hikes in the Columbia Gorge.


Anna Claire is a Medical Assistant I, here at the clinic. She is new to the field but is grateful for the team she has and is always willing to learn something new. Her goals are to provide the utmost care to all the patients that come and go. Anna Claire is outgoing, always has a smile for you, and her laugh is contagious; just try to be gloomy around her and your day will instantly change for the better. In her spare time, she loves trying new foods and learning new skills and hobbies.


Christa is one of our Front Office Coordinators. She has worked and volunteered in the helping professions and medical field since 2013. She understands the importance of collaboration between patients and providers. Christa always strives to be respectful, efficient, accessible and is hard working. Outside of work, she is pursuing a graduate degree at PSU for Counseling Rehabilitation. In her off-time Christa is just as “busy,”.. “I love napping, the outdoors and being active. I also enjoy a quiet night in with a good movie/book/videogames.” Christa is always willing to find answers, so just ask her!


Jessica is one of our newest Front Office Coordinators. Jessica has found a passion for helping patients take the next steps in their healthcare journey and has been working in the medical field since 2018. She plans on returning to school to further her own education in the medical field. You can find Jessica with a smile on her face and always making the best out of every situation. Jessica is warm and welcomes you with respect, and is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure your healthcare needs have been met. In her time away from work she enjoys spending time with her family and two pups.