A significant number of mechanical abnormalities can be managed conventionally instead of surgically. Amazed!? We want you to be! Functional, custom orthotics designed just for your feet will help support conservative care. The breakdown of the function of your foot happens when your foot is no longer in its native position. A proprietary custom orthotic, created by our state-of-the art 3D Laser casting system, will help move your foot to its correct position and allow it to function normally again.

Conditions this technology is used for:

Developed to utilize new innovations in materials science and advanced approaches to our traditional manufacturing processes.  Custom functional orthotics are engineered with comfort  and function in mind. All the rigidity and support needed to take on common types of foot pain (metatarsalgia,  plantar fasciitis, flat foot, ect.),  with the correct shoe has these pathologies can be resolved.  We currently have a on-site orthotic lab.  We offer the most advanced, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry.